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The DARKNESS INTO LIGHT series of three documentaries was filmed on location in
several states in Mexico.  Each film is complete in itself.  Together they  present the
Mexican people as they have persisted in their spiritual journey from pre-christian times
until today.  
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Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico     56 minutes

Veneration of the Virgin Mary has been a vital part of Mexican
life for almost 500 years.  Today, millions of Mexican devotees
make their way to shrines to the Virgin throughout the country.
They travel in buses and cars, on bicycles, and on foot.  
Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico breaks new ground by
documenting  Mexican popular culture, exploring the histories
and miracles associated with the Virgin Mary as she continues
to be honored under many titles today.  
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Semana Santa, San Miguel       56 minutes

Filmed in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, a colonial town
in the hills of central Mexico, this study traces the history of
local Lenten  and Easter observances. It documents
contemporary celebrations with a representative and moving
selection of events.  Linking the series together, the faithful
people of San Miguel are included in all three films.  
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Following the Spirit       56 minutes.

To understand the role of public devotions in Mexican life today,
One must understand their cost.

Conformity to political and religious authorities marked the three
hundred years of Spanish rule in New Spain.  After Mexico won
the War for Independence in 1821,  anarchy and religious
suppression followed. The struggles of the Mexican people for
religious liberty in the 19th and 20th centuries form a compelling
new story.
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