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Darkness Into Light
A Three Part Documentary
Account of the Mexican
Spiritual Journey
The Book
The Films
About Us
San Rafael Films announces with pleasure
the completion of the documentary series
Darkness into Light, three independent and
non-profit films that examine the culture of
Mexico, the Mexican people and their long
spiritual journey.

For centuries, the strongest force in cultural
life in MesoAmerica/New Spain/Mexico has
been the life of the spirit.  Now a
documentary series presents that life as it
has never been shown before. Darkness
into Light is the product of outstanding
research, filming, and editing, extending
over a period of ten years .

Following the Spirit, the final hour-long film,
tells the story of the separation of church
and state in Mexico and brings the spiritual
journey to the current moment. Produced by
Patricia Lacy Collins and Robert S. Cozens
and narrated by Edward James Olmos, the
film was completed in March 2005.

In 2009  Spanish language versions of the
films were completed. The National
Educational Telecommunications
Association  (NETA) reoffered the films to
Public Broadcast Stations in Spring 2010.  

San Rafael Films acknowledges with
gratitude the sponsorship of the Southwest
Alternate Media Project and the University of
St. Thomas, Houston, and the patronage
of the Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron
Foundation for the entire series and many
other contributors and faithful supporters.

Cheers!  Worldfest Houston recognized the
power and value of
Following the Spirit  by
honoring it with a Gold Special Jury Award.

Caption below photo is taken from Darkness
into Light: Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico.
New Developments for this Classic Story

Our thanks to Spirit Enlightened for including all 3 films of
the Darkness Into Light series in their 2012 on-line film
festival, allowing viewers globally to see the films in full.
Follow the link to my
Culture Unplugged profile where you
will find links to view the 3 films on-line in their entirety.

In Mexico City, in November 2010 "Following the Spirit"
was screened at the Center for the Study of Mexican
History CARSO..

In Spring 2011The entire series was featured at the
Festival Inspiracion at Sam Houston State University.

Mosaics of Faith, the Mexican Experience", a recent
conference at the University of St Thomas, highlighted
the special value of the series in illustrating Mexico's
history.  View conference highlights and commentary by
clicking the links.

Study Guides are now available. All three films can be
ordered in DVD format with or without Spanish subtitles.

Enjoy video clips from each film now available on this
site... (
Click here to view)

Check with your local PBS channel for broadcast details--
your local program director appreciates hearing from you.
We now have the opportunity to reach an estimated
22 MILLION viewers!  
Our thanks to the folks at NETA,
and those programmers who made it possible.

Follow  these links for more new clips on Youtube!