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Semana Santa, San Miguel
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“Deep Lent” begins two weeks before
Easter in San Miguel, when people of all
ages accompany an image of Christ
Scourged at the Pillar, “Sr. de la Columna,”
seven miles into town. That is when the
documentary begins, at midnight, at the
Sanctuario de Atotonilco.  

A 56 minute documentary, independently
produced in 16mm film by Patricia Lacy Collins
and Robert S. Cozens (copyright 1997, San Rafael
Films), narrated by Edward James Olmos.
The following days are filled with traditional preparations and  reenactments of the
events of Holy Week that lead slowly and surely to Good Friday and ultimately to the
lighting of the new fire on Easter Sunday.

Included in the communal dramas are the Mass of the Last Supper, the apprehension of
Jesus by the soldiers, the stations of the Way of the Cross.    The Veneration of the
Cross takes place in San Miguel as it does around the world, but San Miguel also has
many practices that are distinctly local.  On Good Friday, the camera follows three
separate processions.  During one, life sized images of Jesus Christ and his Mother are
carried along the way  to Calvary.  At one much anticipated place,  Christ meets his
Mother and lifts his head in recognition. For a moment, the heart of San Miguel stops.   

Later, after the Holy Cross is honored, the procession of the Santo Entierro (Holy Burial)
begins.  The coffin of Christ is carried through the streets of San Miguel , as it has been
for almost three hundred years.  More than a thousand people take part in the silent and
somber remembrance.  

Much history enriches the telling of the contemporary events.  Locally composed music is
important to the faithful people of this town..And this is their story.

Semana Santa, San Miguel  is the true centerpiece of the series, even as the
Redemption Story, for many people, is the true centerpiece of human history.

Sponsored by the Southwest Alternate Media Project

Funded by the Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation, and other contributors.

New distribution to PBS stations is planned by NETA in the Spring of 2010.  Past broadcasts include
EWTN and Canada's Salt and Light.

A true classic and family favorite, this program has been broadcast each Easter since its completion by
Houston PBS.
Premiere broadcast:  Easter Sunday 1997  KUHT/TV, Houston PBS
Screenings:  Teatro  Bilingue, Houston; CineFestival, San Antonio;  the University of St. Thomas,
Awards:  WorldFest, Houston, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival