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Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico
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Shows  the Mexican people, their spiritual
longings, pilgrimages, celebrations, music and
miracles. Each year ten million people visit the
shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico
City, the most popular shrine of the Virgin
Mary in the world.  But Mexican devotion
doesn’t end there…

A 56 minute documentary, independently produced in
16mm film by Patricia Lacy Collins and Robert S.
Cozens (copyright 2001, San Rafael Films), narrated
by Edward James Olmos, 2003.
Devotion to the Virgin Mary, a vital part of Mexican life, has been characterized by need,
miracles, and love for almost 500 years.  To shrines throughout the country, millions of
Mexicans make their way each year, moving to the sound of Indian drums and pipes,
oompah bands, and mariachi brasses.  They come in buses and cars. On bicycles, and
on  foot.  Some are barefoot.  Some enter the shrines on their knees.

The histories and miracles of our lady of Guadalupe and her other selves (Our Lady of
the Remedies, La Soledad, the Virgin of San Juan) come alive as Mexican scholars and
pilgrims on the road tell the wondrous stories behind their devotion to their spiritual

Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico suggests the strength of pre-christian life and seeking.
Such ancient, impressive sites as Teotihuacan and Monte Alban were built by human
hands in cultures that had no beasts of burden.  In pre-christian times, the Mexicans tell
us, “there was always a mother…but never like the Virgin Mary.” In 1531, she was
received by people of this western hemisphere as Our Lady of Guadalupe, the beloved

Tracing the Virgin Mary’s role in bringing Christianity to New Spain from the early
centuries until today, the film is appropriate for the advent and Christmas season, as well
as for the December 12th feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It is also suitable for May,
Mother’s Day , and for any time or season when the beautiful Hispanic heritage is to be
celebrated.   A film to be shared.

Sponsored by the Southwest Alternate Media Project and the University of St. Thomas, Houston

Funded by the Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation, the Brown Foundation, Inc., the John G.
and Maria Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Inc., and other contributors.

New distribution to PBS stations is planned by NETA in the Spring of 2010.  Past broadcasts include
EWTN and Canada's Salt and Light.
Premiere broadcast:  Dec. 17, 2000   KUHT/TV, Houston PBS
Screenings:  Rice Media Center;  Pan-Cultural Film Festival, MFA Houston;  
CineFestival, San Antonio; “The Catholic Impact on Culture” International  Conference, the University of
St. Thomas, Houston
Awards:  WorldFest, Houston, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival