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A Story of Faithfulness by Patricia Lacy Collins

120 pages, Illustrated, with Bibliography        

…the book on which the film
Semana Santa, San Miguel
was based…it tells of the people of San Miguel and their
persistence over the centuries in reenacting and
observing the events leading up to Easter Sunday…a
guide to today’s practices and a door to Mexican history.

This is a story of faithfulness.  It has continued for more
than four centuries and today is played out each year in a
special place in the center of Mexico:
Holy Week in San
Miguel de Allende.

Some of the traditions dramatized here are almost 2,000
years old; others developed later in the Old World and
were brought to Mexico by the earliest European arrivals.  
All were colored and shaped by peoples of the new land
who embraced a faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the

Flowers and music; processions; decorations in the
homes, public fountains, streets; the presence and use of
venerated images, some hundreds of years old.  All are
elements in the somber march of days toward Good
Friday, when three distinct processions fill the streets with
spectators and participants.  Roman soldiers on
horseback and on foot, the Good Thief and the Bad, Mary
and Judas.  They are all there.

At times the backdrop of San Miguel’s history is
threatening, stark.  These pages yield a sense of danger
and consolation throughout the centuries.  Who asked for
safety?  Not the early Franciscans or the twentieth century
Cristeros.  Who asked for comfort?  Not the penitents who
have carried crosses in processions from the 16th century
until today.

In multiple manifestations of a constant faith, the present
and the past blend and lead on to Easter Sunday.  Holy
Week in San Miguel is a guidebook, but it is also much
more.  The heritage of faith shown in homes, streets, and
churches throughout the city belongs to all Christians.  
Even more, it belongs to whoever reaches out for a
salvation not restricted to time, place, or cult, but offered
to each man in his own lifetime.

This is a beautiful story.
“If you are still looking for the
heart of Mexico, you might
find it here.”

Karl Anton Bleyleben, Author
Baedeker’s Mexico