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About Us
Patricia Lacy Collins

    Producer and writer, and president of San Rafael
    Films has spent the last fifteen years immersed in
    the “beautiful and profound” culture of Mexico.

Pat's film work is based on academic training in research and writing and an interest
in the culture of Mexico that took clear focus in the 1990’s.  Research at that time
Holy Week in San Miguel, 1993, the book that provided the foundation for
the first of the three films produced with Robert S. Cozens,
Darkness Into Light:  
Semana Santa, San Miguel, 1997; Guadalupe, Mother of All Mexico, 2000;  Following
the Spirit, 2005

Collins is now developing broadcast and non-broadcast distribution for the films as a
series with narration by Edward James Olmos.  She is also working with Dr. Debra
Andrist (University of St Thomas, Houston, Texas) to develop study guides for
various academic and group uses.

Pat Collins obtained both B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Alabama.  
More information about her work can be found in a
recent interview with Dr. Andrist.

Robert S. Cozens,  
    Producer and Director, brings a lifetime of film excellence to the development

Filmmaker Robert Cozens' (www.cozmoziz.com) career spans over 25 years and two
continents. As producer, director, writer, cinematographer and photographer, his
projects have impacted public opinion and policy toward matters of public health,
social issues and environmental concerns. Cozens' films have helped bridge gaps of
cultural understanding in the US and abroad. In 1996 Cozens' film, CHICANO!:
Fighting for Political Power was screened at the White House for President Clinton
and members of his cabinet.

Cozens' international career began as producer for the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation in the mid-60's. His film and television work has been distributed on
Public Television and internationally.


  • DARKNESS INTO LIGHT- Following the Spirit, Gold Special Jury Award,
    WorldFest Houston,Texas  2005
  • DARKNESS INTO LIGHT - Semana Santa, San Miguel & Guadalupe: Mother of
    All Mexico, Silver Awards, WorldFest, Houston, Texas. 1997 & 1999.
  • CHICANO! (PBS Series) -The National Council of La Raza, 1996 Bravo
    Award for Community Service; Nosotros 1997 Golden Eagle Award for
    Outstanding Documentary; Imagen Foundation 1997 Imagen Award for
    Informational Programming. Educational Opportunity Program Award
    -1996 California State University, Los Angeles
  • HONOR SQUADRONS - Winner-1995 Max Karant Journalism Award
  • LIVING WITH AIDS - Bronze Award, New York International Film and
    Television Festival; Merit Award: 1991Francis C. Moore, MD Medical
    Journalism Competition. Silver Star of Texas Media Award, Texas Hospital
    Association's Committee on Public Health & Marketing.
  • REINA DE LA SELVA - Gertrude Blom: A Portrait Silver Award, Houston
    International Film Festival 1989. Television Feature Award-Gold; Women in
    Communications, Inc. (W.I.C.I) 1990. Vanguard Award, W.I.C.I., 1990. Bronze
    Award, New York International Film and Television Festival
  • ELISSA: A TALL SHIP FOR TEXAS - Gold Special Jury Award, Houston
    International Film Festival 1986.
  • ARMAND BAYOU: AN URBAN WILDERNESS - Mitchell A. Wilder Award for
    Excellence, Texas Museum Association, 1986; Gold Special Jury Award,
    Houston International Film Festival 1986.
  • RIVER OF INNOCENCE -  Special Jury Award, Houston International Film
    Festival, 1984; Honorable Mention, New York Film Festival, 1984.
  • JOURNEY TO THE SKY - Silver Medal, New York International Film &
    Television Festival; Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival.
  • Pas de deux, A DANCE OF TWO COUNTRIES - Gold Award for
    Documentaries, Festival of the Americas; Screening Edinburgh Film
    Festival; Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival.
    Award, Council on International Non-theatrical Events, 1978; Golden Venus
    Medallion, Greater Miami International Film Festival 1978; Silver Award,
    13th Chicago International Film Festival, 1978.
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